Prestige Asset Distribution Limited is a professional fund sales and distribution company specialising in the promotion and marketing of international alternative investments. The company is responsible for co-ordinating the international distribution and sales of all Prestige Funds with a focus on financial institutions, financial advisors and asset managers.

Prestige Funds focus on absolute return and alternative investment based strategies. The company also markets other (non Prestige) specialist alternative investment strategies and financial solutions to large financial institutions. The Prestige Fund distribution and sales team is made up of a diverse group of investment professionals who have many decades of experience in different sectors of finance including investment banking, stock broking, hedge fund management, private equity, financial markets trading and alternative investment marketing.

The Prestige Fund distribution and sales team is able to draw upon a wealth of research and background due diligence capabilities, in both extensive quantitative and qualitative fields. Members of the team, its Board Advisers and Affiliates have served on numerous boards of financial institutions, international fund groups, asset management companies and wealth management groups.

We recognise the importance of all those who have a stake in what we do, whether they are our customers, our suppliers, staff, third parties, shareholders, local or national government or the community. We aim to be fair and transparent and take seriously any feedback we receive, both positive and negative, and deal with any issues expediently, professionally and compassionately.

We understand that a good working environment of fairness, equal opportunities and flexibility is essential to help our people develop their full potential. In return we expect the highest ethical and professional standards.

Much of what we do has a direct impact on the local communities that we support by creating jobs, diversifying income streams and helping groups to work together for a common good.

Some of the Prestige funds we promote are helping improve the environment by focusing on supporting clean and renewable energy projects, much of it from waste and residue.

Governance and Risk Management
A fundamental part of business is our insistence on strong and responsible Governance and Risk Management with complete transparency and accountability.

Regulation and Governance


Prestige Asset Distribution Limited does not hold any client funds, cash or assets.

Prestige Funds

All Prestige Funds use independent Fund Administrators, Custodians, Prime Brokers, Auditors and Bankers.


Prestige Funds are typically managed by a regulated Investment Manager and often also use regulated independent Investment Advisors. All Prestige Funds have at least three experienced international board directors and at least one who is independent and all are individually approved.  Please refer to Board Directors page for more information.

Selected Prestige Funds are registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)

Company Registration: CR-358651


Committed to making returns for investors

Committed to providing innovative and creative investment solutions

Our success is the result of putting investors’ interests first

Delivery of quality products, services and results

A culture of continuous research, development and market knowledge

Providing opportunities for gifted professionals with like-minded goals

Continuous evolvement and flexibility to maintain a competitive edge

Valuing diversity, inclusiveness and integrity