Prestige Asset Distribution Limited (formerly known as “Prestige Asset Advisors Limited”) is a British Virgin Islands domiciled Professional Fund Sales and Marketing company specialising in the distribution of international alternative investments.  The company is responsible for co-ordinating the international distribution and sales of all Prestige Funds with a focus on financial institutions, financial advisors and asset managers.

Prestige Funds focus on absolute return and alternative investment based strategies.  The company also markets other (Non Prestige) specialist alternative investment strategies and financial solutions to large financial institutions.  The Prestige Fund distribution and sales team is made up of a diverse group of investment professionals who have many decades of experience in different sectors of finance including investment banking, stock broking, hedge fund management, private equity, financial markets trading and alternative investment marketing.

The Prestige Fund distribution and sales team is able to draw upon a wealth of research and background due diligence capabilities, in both extensive quantitative and qualitative fields.  Members of the team, its Board Advisers and Affiliates have served on numerous boards of financial institutions, international fund groups, asset management companies and wealth management groups.