Social and Ethical Behaviour


We recognise the importance of all those who have a stake in what we do, whether they are our customers, our suppliers, staff, third parties, shareholders, local or national government or the community. We aim to be fair and transparent and take seriously any feedback we receive both positive and negative and deal with any issues expediently, professionally and compassionately.


We understand that a good working environment of fairness, equal opportunities and flexibility is essential to help our people develop their full potential. In return we expect the highest ethical and professional standards.


Much of what we do has a direct impact on the local communities that we support by creating jobs, diversifying income streams and helping groups to work together for a common good.


Our focus on clean and renewable energy, much of it from waste and residue, means that while we are doing our bit for the world we live in, we are also trying to make things even better.

Governance and Risk Management

A fundamental part of business is our insistence on strong and responsible Governance and Risk Management with complete transparency and accountability.